About Us

Welcome to Mind Cart!

Mind Cart is an online store that virtually represents the merchandise wing of Mind Matterz. We aim to sell products that have 'mindfulness' value. Mindful products are 'feel good' products that aim to induce positive energy through one's senses by creating a 'wow' factor. Since October 2015, we began by selling chocolates, table-top calendars, artwork. Besides selling 'mindful' products, we also aim to approve and promote products and businesses that we feel will add value to people's life in a qualitative way and thus increase their well-being. 

The parent company of Mind Cart is Mind Matterz, which is a psychological consultancy established in 2006. We have served the mental health sector for more than 10 years. Besides offering counseling services and mind management training, we encourage people to buy products that would help them generate positive energy in them and enjoy life to their fullest. The Founder-Director of Mind Matterz, Shraddha Sankulkar is a qualified Psychologist and has earned her Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management from Welingkar Institute of Management Studies, Matunga, Mumbai. She along with her team of executives are constantly in search of qualitative products that have 'mindfulness' value which they look forward to sell or promote here on Mind Cart. 

Come make the mind glow with positivity by purchasing our 'mindful' products & services!